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Mangosteen's Vision and Firm Foundations 

Mangosteen is the brainchild of founder, research chemist Anthony F. England, Ph.D..  The idea itself stems from time spent discussing troubling aspects of the public health situation in Ecuador with a friend, a surgeon and expert in endemic diseases in the capital, Quito. 

Founded in 2004, and based in The Netherlands, Mangosteen is a socially conscious enterprise that is passionate about high quality scientific research, scientific problem solving, ethical practices, and pressing global and developing world concerns. 

We are a for-profit company, operating under the principle that only by offering a fair deal to both disparate communities - the wealthy in the north and poorly-resourced of the developing world - and working to gain their mutual respect, can we build a sustainable enterprise and achieve other non-financially motivated objectives. 

Consequently, when conceiving and implementing specific programmes, Mangosteen works as earnestly on the behalf of the natives of our Host Destinations as for our paying customers.  Moreover, without forgetting who pays the bills by way of Meeting Fees, we will never be forced into a position of favouring one group over the other. 

Mangosteen functions under the belief that we do not need to aim to directly profit from our activities -  but that we simply must strive to be good at what we do, and that profitability is a natural consequence of providing a valued, high quality service at a fair cost. 

Although in many respects, our activities are not so dissimilar, Mangosteen is not at all a charitable organization, we simply work fairly by implementing policies and carrying out business practices that should have been routine long ago.  We simply believe that by paying attention to the needs of those in the least fortunate of developing world situations now, the wealthy nations of the developed world are doing nothing more than serving their own self-interest long into the future.  And that this will remain the case until the two disparate worlds dwell on separate planets.   

For as long as there is only one Earth, Mangosteen will continue to work to demonstrate what many have forgotten - that comparatively speaking, the majority of individuals in the developed world won the lottery the day they were born - that  there is as much unexploited talent in the developing world as in the developed world - and that given half a chance, those in poverty stricken nations are only too eager to do whatever they can to improve upon the situation that was handed them at birth.  

We are of the opinion that for a fair price, Mangosteen has every right to profit from the success achieved through the delivery of high quality services to our customers.  In so doing, we are able to both reward our team for their tireless efforts and invest in the development of further similarly directed programmes.  In the first instance, we therefore unashamedly keep the profits the company earns and distribute them as we see fit.  In the grand scheme of things, any profits we as a small company make are a mere drop in the ocean where world poverty is concerned, are insignificant to anything other than the bank balances of our personnel, and are far less than we could earn by acting in a less responsible, less constructive manner (and then trying to make up for it by donating to charity once a year!).  We say why be charitable at Christmas, or once in a while, when you can live by a different philosophy from day one and undertake to carry out well thought out, constructive activities every day of your existence - so diminishing the need for charity in the first place.












HIV/AIDS 2007  
Pneumococci 2007  
Antibiotic Resistance 2007  

Co-organizers: International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC)


Co-sponsors:         Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics - APUA-Gambia

Kinetoplastid Diseases 2008  
Tuberculosis 2008  
Cytokines 2008  
Hepatitis 2008  
Enteric Pathogens 2008  
Malaria 2009  
Pathogenic Helminths 2009  

Pathogenic Helminths 2007  
Malaria 2007  
Bacterial Gastroenteritis 2006  
Tuberculosis 2006  
Kinetoplastid Diseases 2006  
Hepatitis 2006  






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HOME PAGE What We Do A Unique Social Enterprise Our Services The Two Worlds of Science Contact Details About Our Name