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October 13th, 2005  

Advertisement in Nature - October 13th, 2005 Edition (PDF file, 21KB)


April 1st, 2005  

The Best Science Anywhere, The Best Science Everywhere

Bacterial Adhesion and Infection, 1st West Africa Conference: A First Class First World Scientific Meeting in a First Class Third World Setting – Mangosteen’s opening conference blazes a trail introducing world class scientists and cutting-edge research to the African heartland


August 19th, 2004  

Mangosteen, Bacteria, Adhesion and Infection

Mangosteen today announced the dates for its inaugural meeting in West Africa


August 9th, 2004  

What if Einstein were from Darfur, a son of Sudan rather than Germany?

Mangosteen – unique in its approach to promoting science, scientific research and education - forging healthy and constructive relationships between the scientists and students of the world’s developed and developing regions.









HIV/AIDS 2007  
Pneumococci 2007  
Antibiotic Resistance 2007  

Co-organizers: International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC)


Co-sponsors:         Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics - APUA-Gambia

Kinetoplastid Diseases 2008  
Tuberculosis 2008  
Cytokines 2008  
Hepatitis 2008  
Enteric Pathogens 2008  
Malaria 2009  
Pathogenic Helminths 2009  

Pathogenic Helminths 2007  
Malaria 2007  
Bacterial Gastroenteritis 2006  
Tuberculosis 2006  
Kinetoplastid Diseases 2006  
Hepatitis 2006  






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HOME PAGE What We Do A Unique Social Enterprise Our Services The Two Worlds of Science Contact Details About Our Name