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Organization of Individual Meetings & Gatherings, Attracting Participants

Helping Participants Prepare for Meetings & Time in Their Host Destination

Facilitating the Smooth Running of Meetings

Set-up of Host Destinations - Survey of the Local Region, Sites and Venues

After Meetings


Organization of Individual Meetings & Gatherings, Attracting Participants 
Working with individual scientists (Technical Programme Designers) to create tailor-made cutting-edge conferences, meetings and gatherings of all types.

Concentration on a full strength, high quality technical programme.

The provision of essential information on all aspects of upcoming Meetings for the interest of potential and confirmed Participants; a personal information service for interested groups and individuals.



Helping Participants Prepare for Meetings & Time in their Host Destination 
Provision of the full spectrum of pre-departure, travel and destination specific information, including what to expect, bring and wear, the climate, and any region specific precautionary healthcare measures.

Creating peace of mind ahead of departure.  Advice on how to enjoy and stay safe in a new and very different country, and on being a culturally sensitive visitor.  Available 24/7 to answer questions and possible concerns. 


Facilitating the Smooth Running of Meetings 

Comprehensive planning of the Meeting - the arrangement of  accommodation, ground transportation, meals and the provision of all essential equipment for a successful technical programme - everything from airport to airport.

Orientation of Participants upon arrival at the Host Destination and meeting site.



Set-up of Host Destinations - Survey of the Local Region, Sites and Venues 

Survey of suitable Host Destinations throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America - identifying sites and venues, and the acquisition of local knowledge of scientific and general interest.

Building scientific relationships throughout the developing world.  Widespread communications with scientists and academic institutions in the local region of each Host Destination. 

Work to determine how Mangosteen's programmes might best help them - identifying and answering specific needs and requests.

Finding appropriate matches - considering the strengths and research specialties of Host Destination scientists and institutions with regard to instigating future collaborative projects with developed world counterparts.


After Meetings 
Maintaining a database of contacts, papers and reports from each Meeting; facilitating continued communications between developed and developing world Meeting Participants and other contacts.   Facilitating nascent cooperative and collaborative efforts.

Continued communications with returning Meeting Participants to ensure their safe return, good health and well-being.







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Pneumococci 2007  
Antibiotic Resistance 2007  

Co-organizers: International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC)


Co-sponsors:         Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics - APUA-Gambia

Kinetoplastid Diseases 2008  
Tuberculosis 2008  
Cytokines 2008  
Hepatitis 2008  
Enteric Pathogens 2008  
Malaria 2009  
Pathogenic Helminths 2009  

Pathogenic Helminths 2007  
Malaria 2007  
Bacterial Gastroenteritis 2006  
Tuberculosis 2006  
Kinetoplastid Diseases 2006  
Hepatitis 2006  






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HOME PAGE What We Do A Unique Social Enterprise Our Services The Two Worlds of Science Contact Details About Our Name